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Friday Summer Volleyball
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We will be offering a 4x4, competitive, open league again this spring session at 8:30 on Monday nights.  After a successful 2023 season, we are looking forward to even more competitive fun this year.  As the weather heats up, we expect that the action will too!

The league will be "Competitive" with a higher expectation of skill level than our 6x6 recreational leagues.

It will be an "Open" format, meaning there is no guy/girl restrictions for the team or on the court.  All guys, all gals, or coed teams are acceptable.

Also, it should go without saying that the teams are comprised of four players on the court at one time.

Thursday Summer Volleyball
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Wednesday Summer Volleyball
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Driving Range & Sand Volleyball

Tuesday Summer Volleyball
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Competitive 4's
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Monday 4x4 Open League




  • Absolutely NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL (especially glass bottles) or coolers allowed. 
  • Matches will consist of 3 games regardless of the outcome.
  • Games will be played to 21 using rally scoring.  A team must win by a minimum of 2 points.
  • Teams will volley for first serve.
  • Teams may consist of up to 6 players per team.  A team may play with fewer than 6 players, however there will be no more than 3 males allowed on the playing court at the same time.  A team may field a full team of 6 female players if they so desire.
  • If more than 1 hit is needed to return an attack, at least 1 female player must be involved in the play.  A male does not need to be involved to return an attack.
  • Overhand serves are allowed, however for every 3 overhand serves; there must be 1 underhand serve.
  • No jump serves.
  • Spiking is allowed, however, spiking is not allowed to return a serve.
  • Net serves shall be played.
  • Teams must call their own fouls, please adhere to standard volleyball rules (i.e.  no lifts, carries, double hits, players in net, etc.)
  • Disputed points will be replayed.
  • Team managers are responsible for reporting game scores after match is complete.
  • Schmidley's management reserves the right to mediate game outcome if needed.  Remember, this is for fun, don't be a dick, and no D-bags allowed.



​We will follow the basic construct of the 6x6 coed rules with the following differences:

  • No open hand dinks/tips
  • No setting the serve
  • Sets must be "clean" (i.e. the ball cannot rotate/spin more than once)
  • Players must maintain serving order but, during play, may occupy any position on the court 
  • No restrictions on overhand/jump serves
  • No male/female hitting or playing rule
  • Still no D-Bags allowed!  While we expect spirited competition, we reserve the right to remove, from the league, any team that creates a problem or carries a grudge against fellow teams.

Thank You!

Summer 2024 Sand Volleyball Registration

Opens at Noon on Sunday, May 19th

Sun. 5/19/2024

  • This is an 12 week league that starts the week of July 8th and runs through September 27th.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • We guarantee at least eight weeks of play and as long as mother nature doesn't bother us too much, we will try to get the entire twelve weeks in.
  • All of our leagues are 6x6, coed, recreational, except for Monday night's at 8:30 which will be a 4x4, competitive, open league.  Registration for this league is located at the bottom of the page.